Pirate Perry Events

This event is both a trail run and run/kayak biathlon weekend extravaganza! 

The BIATHLON is a 6.8 mile trail run on the Buffalo River Trail from Dillard's Ferry to Spring Creek followed by a 4.6 mile canoe/kayak race from Spring Creek back to Dillard's Ferry taking place on Sunday, April 29.

The trail run is a
TRAIL MARATHON and a TRAIL HALF MARATHONBuffalo River Trail.   Taking place on Saturday, April 28, the half is an out and back between Dillard's Ferry and Spring Creek.  The Marathon passes over the Spring Creek Rd. and continues through the South Maumee section for another 2 miles and is also an out and back.

Additionally, the night Saturday the 29th, there will be registration packet pick up, a dinner, and live music at Buffalo Point!  We're hoping that the Mellow Mountain Band will again grace us with their sweet sound!

Rates & Dates

Rentals & Shuttle service provided by our local outfitters!